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Prinze Performance Clips




Welcome to the Prinze Performance Clips. Sit down and relax on the sofa with Freddie's favorite drink, a nice tall glass of lemonade. Let Freddie Prinze entertain you with his performance clips. You know he's Looking Good!!!

You may also click on "Chico and the Man" for more audio clips. Allow time to download.

Prinze Performance Clips

1. Introducing Freddie Prinze

2. Looking Good

3. Freddie's Bestfriend Nat Part 1

4. Getting Recognized

5. Preacher Chico Part 1

6. Preacher Chico Part 2

7. Preacher Chico Part 3

8. Chico's Childhood Part 1

9. Chico's Childhood Part 2

10. Baby Bonnet Chico Part 1

11. Baby Bonnet Chico Part 2

12. Baby Bonnet Chico Part 3

13. Ain't That A Killer

14. Chico's Hit Song 1

15. Chico's Hit Song 2

16. Ahhh Shut Up!

17. Chico and Rich Little: Looking Good

These performance clips was created by Tracy and Malcolm for "The Entertainers We Love Site" and,therefore, are the property of Tracy and De De's Web Site. They are a collection of the classic hit 70's television sitcom Chico and the Man for NBC. The Looking Good CD, Freddie Prinze wrote his monologues for Hunga Rican Productions, INC.